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SQL Software for: Realtime SQL Server monitoring, server performance tuning, query tuning, hardware analysis, DBA performance dashboard, performance history, query history, replication monitoring, database monitoring, SQL code analysis, SOX compliance, security monitoring, and tools designed to: scan, alert, and investigate, SQL server failures.

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DIAB offers a fresh new look at SQL Server management with new ideas and an innovative approach toward database monitoring. We took a different path, with four main goals: steer clear of web based products, email was not to be the primary source of notifications, be able to monitor all your servers while doing other task, and build DIAB from the ground up focusing on the needs of the DBA. What we came up with was a scanner approach with a very small desktop footprint that sits in a corner of your desktop always on, always monitoring. With the push of a button from the scanner bar an arsenal of tools are at your command enabling you to quickly diagnose the source of a problem.

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DIAB is real-time SQL server monitoring software. It alerts you when there is a problem and does many of the routine tasks that the typical DBA does not want to deal with daily. DIAB quickly get to the root of most SQL server problems and shows you how to correct the issue before the end user is aware of it. DIAB combines stunning 3D effects with key server performance counters to enable Database Managers to easily resolve problems. 

6.3 Just Released             Watch the video (windows media)

DIAB 6.3 has just been released, and with it comes many new features. We looked at the request from our users and responded. 

Query Performance

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DIAB does all this
  • Monitor:  all your servers from a single machine.
  • SQL server hardware monitoring: See real-time animated results of resources being consumed, including CPU, disk usage, memory utilization, sql server resources, and network activity. 
  • SQL Query Monitoring: View the queries impacting your server in real-time or historically.
  • Record blocking:  Informs you when sql server record blocking is occurring and pinpoints the user and host ID. You can even view the query. 
  • Trend Analysis: View historical data from your servers like drive growth or cpu utilization.
  • SQL Health Check:  The doctor is in. Run a complete check of your SQL server and generate a report identifying problems that impact performance, integrity, and security.  
  • Query Hogs: Quickly identifies queries impacting resources. It even sorts them top to bottom, with the worst offenders on top. It also list from who, when, and what machine the query originated.
  • MyQuery: Query editor allows you to create your own queries and add them to the MyQuery menu.
  • Query Analysis Tools: Scan SQL code, procedures and scripts for SOX compliance, table scans, index scans, and best coding practices.
  • Vmware: Access vmware specific performance counters view how your server is performing in a VM environment.
  • Security: Monitor SQL security, and alerts if permissions have been granted or modified. Generate reports for SOX or internal audit.DIAB elevates your level of security to meet SOX and PCI guidelines. 
  • Trace: Instantly start a trace on a spid, user, or application just by right-clicking on a user within the main  grid and selecting "trace", so you can quickly identify where a process may be failing.   
  • Kill problem processes: End a query impacting resources instantly from the main grid of all processes.
  • Backup checking: backups are automatically checked and reports when database backups are missing.
  • Drive space: Alerts you when a drive is about to fill up, and displays the space on all your drives by size and percentage.
  • Database space: Alerts you when database file groups are about to fill up.
  • SQL process monitoring: View real-time animated SQL processing in 2D or 3D graphically.  
  • OLAP cube processing: Resolve data warehouse problems by monitoring your OLAP cube processing.
  • Failed job alerts: Looks for failed jobs in the schedules, and displays them on one screen for prioritizing, and maintains a history of the failures and their correction history.
  • Replication: Check replication and receive alerts when publisher and subscribers are not communicating.
  • Performance tools: An assortment of features for improving server performance that you can use to optimize your indexes, queries, and do disk load balancing.
  • Help: Instant help via pdf files and tool tips for most features.
  • Search: Scan an entire server or just a database for all references to a word check most common object types. 
  • Email: Receive alerts to keep you informed 24 hours a day of server failures.
  • 3D Forms: Spectacular 3D effects show your sever performance in a whole new dimension.  Especially when comparing key performance counters. Example you can determine which drives are underperforming by comparing disk queue length to transactions per second.
  • Top 10 Scorecard: View a summary of different items, in different categories that are impacting your server the most all from a single screen.
  • Setup is easy: The setup wizard to get you up and going fast.  
  • Server Compare: Run reports that query multiple servers at the same time and see how they compare. Show information about backups, drive stress, system waits, and hardware.   
  • After Hours Monitoring: DIAB 6.0 now runs as a service or application. In service mode, receive email or text alerts when failures occur.
  • Fragmentation Alerts: DIAB 6.0 monitors for disk fragmentation which over time can severely hinder performance. 
  • Disk Access speed: DIAB 6.0 monitors your disk for slow access times informing you when disk issues may be occurring.

Why should you purchase DIAB over other products

  1. DIAB is designed for a quick response to problems and doesn't require hours of historical data to be gathered.

  2. Priced right! just $269.00. You're paying for premium software, not advertising and gimmicks. The free trial version gives you 30 days to try before you buy. Compare the price to other products. This is not a lease, and there are no renewal fees or per server fees. One price gets it all.  Please contact us for special pricing we offer great deals for non-profits and start-ups. 

  3. It doesn't run in a web browser.
  4. It's small and opens fast! DIAB runs as a very small tool strip on your desktop. When DIAB detects a problem the toolbar button lights up indicating you have a problem, It will even give you a high level summary of the problem just by placing your mouse over the button. Execute the button and you’re quickly drilling into the problem. This way you can continue working while monitoring your servers.

  5. You'll have more time for more important things. DIAB frees you from everyday mundane chores, like verifying that all the servers are running, insuring scheduled jobs ran the night before, verifying your backups, checking permissions, verifying replication, and checking your disk space. How long does this take? It might take hours, if you had 20 servers using other tools. With DIAB, you’ll see all this in under a minute. 

  6. There is no limit on how many servers you can monitor. Other products charge by the server,cores, or instance, and may require annual fees.  

  7. DIAB contains no advertising. So no flashing billboards while you're trying to do your job. 


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